MLP CCG Marks In Time Factory Complete Set + Bonus Cards

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Complete Set of Marks in Time Cards
My Little Pony Collectible Card Game
You will receive a complete set that has never been touched, plus a few bonus cards.
Straight from factory box to shipper, wearing gloves.
  • 2 Royal Rares
  • 11 Ultra Rares (incl. #0, which is not on checklist)
  • 10 Super Rares
  • PF1-11
  • F1-3
  • All non-foils
All cards on checklist.

Bonus Cards that were printed with this production run:
  • Canterlot Nights Pf19 Princess Luna, Mare in the Moon
  • High Magic Pf15 Rainbow Dash, Zapp
  • Equestrian Odysseys Pf15 Night Glider, Overpowering
  • Equestrian Odysseys Pf14 Napcakes 
  • High Magic Pf14 Kevin, Fitting In
  • Equestrian Odysseys Pf13 Apple Bloom, Re-Markable
This is a factory complete set. Never handled, shuffled, or played!

This may not have all Marks In Time promos, as promos are often printed with prior or subsequent sets.

Take a trip through Equestrian history with Marks in Time (MiT), the 7th set of the MLP:CCG.  This exciting new expansion introduces the game changing Cutie Marking & Dilemma mechanics and a level of high intensity to the game playing experience!  Marks in Time also shows some of Equestria's finest (and not-so-finest) moments including the Mane Six as fillies, alternate Starlight Glimmer timelines, and more!

To see the complete Marks in Time CCG checklist Click Here

Marks in Time highlights:

  • All-new game mechanics!
    • Dilemmas: Now you can play additional Problems from your hand!
    • Cutie Marking: Ponies can get their Cutie Marks and become more powerful
  • New Themes!
    • Time Travel Theme
      • Starring Starlight Glimmer and alternate timelines from Season 5 finale
      • Characters from FiM history, like the six founders of Equestria
    • Foals & Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme
      • Lots of characters presented into game as foals, including the Mane Six
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders!
    • Mane Character Cards (Available in Pack Drafter only)
    • Super Rare Friend Cards
  • Starlight Glimmer!
    • As Mane Character Card (Found in booster packs only)
    • As Friend Cards
  • 5 new color combinations on dual-color cards, bolstering underrepresented color combinations
  • New Cutie Marking Mechanic

    * Starlight Glimmer Mane Character Card is only found in boosters, while the other 3 MiT Mane Character Cards are only available in Pack Drafters

    Based on the popular Hasbro television SeriesMy Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic