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MLP CCG Equestrian Odysseys Factory Complete Set + Bonus Cards

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Complete Set of Equestrian Odysseys Cards
My Little Pony Collectible Card Game
You will receive a complete set that has never been touched.

Includes all cards on checklist plus a few!
  • 2 Royal Rare
  • 16 Ultra Rares (Card #0 is not on checklist, but is included)
  • 16  Super Rares
  • PF1-12
  • F1-4
  • All EO non-foils 
Bonus Cards that were printed with this set:
  • 1 Premiere #pf19 Heart's Desire
  • 1 Canterlot Nights #pf18 Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers
  • 1 Crystal Games #pf17 Applejack, Carbo-Loader
  • 1 Absolute Discord #pf14 Sunset Shimmer, Clever Girl
  • Series 3 Trading Card #PF1 Starlight Glimmer
This may not have all EO promos, as promos are often printed with prior or subsequent sets.

Never handled, shuffled, or played!
FYI, the "#300" showing on box image is actually under the label and indicates how many cards that size box holds.

Equestrian Odysseys is the 5th set of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game and the beginning of an all-new block with updated card templates and exciting new gameplay. The new season of Friendship is Magic features the Mane Six exploring Equestria, which inspired SEVEN all-new keywords in Equestrian Odysseys, like the explosive action of Competitive and the careful planning of Meticulous. Dual-color cards and single-color Problems also make their debuts along with stunning new Super Rares and Royal Rares (approx. 1 per case)! This is the largest set so far and features a huge roster of familiar and new characters alike. It makes both a great follow-up set for MLP: CCG veterans, and a perfect entry point for new players. It's time to take your old friends on a journey into new frontiers as everyone's favorite ponies from Ponyville go on Equestrian Odysseys!

To see the Equestrian Odysseys complete checklist Click Here

The Equestrian Odysseys Set Features

  • Multi-Colored Cards
  • Single-Colored Problems
  • Seven brand new keywords
  • New card art templates
  • Super Rares and Royal Rares
  • A new set of base cards that make it a great entry point for new players and even more fun for veteran players

    Based on the popular Hasbro television SeriesMy Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic