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MLP Dog Tag Fun Packs (Series 1)

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We are down to the end of our inventory on these fun packs!

Wear them, put them on a backpack, use them as a key chain - these tags are awesome!  Contents in packs are random and not related to image on package. 

Each Pack contains

  • 1 Dog Tag & Chain
  • 1 FunTat Tattoo Sheet
  • 1 Decal Sticker
  • Collection checklist

The complete Series 1 collection consists of:

Click to see checklist for MLP Dog Tags Series 1. 

Check out our gorgeous MLP Dog Tag binders to keep your tags organized!

Sorry, we can't ship these to Japan

Please note: Most tags have a protective plastic film on the back side.  This sometimes looks like it has a bad finish, but all you need to do is peel the film off. :-}

  • 33 Epoxy Tags
    • 17 Standard Tags
    • 8 "Metallic" tags
    • 8 gold tags (not in packs - see Gold Tags)
  • 9 iron tags (not in packs - see )
  • 8 mini tags  (not in packs - see Deluxe Tags)
  • 12 Tattoo Cards
  • 18 Decal Stickers