MLP Dog Tag - Deluxe Set

$ 7.99

Stunning Deluxe Iron Tag plus a special mini-tag. (Mini tag may not match tag in the image image.)  Comes with 22" and 4" ball chain.  If 22" is too short, connect them together.  If too long, easily trimmed shorter.

Wear them, put them on a backpack, use them as a key chain - these tags are awesome!  

The complete Series 1 collection consists of:

  • 9 Deluxe (iron) Tags
  • 33 Epoxy Tags
  • 8 mini tags (in Fun Packs)
  • 12 Tattoo Cards
  • 18 Decal Stickers

Click to see checklist for MLP Dog Tags Series 1. 

Check out our gorgeous MLP Dog Tag binders to keep your tags organized!

Please note: Due to production issues, the glue that holds the plastic front to the cardboard back of the packaging comes undone in transit. So, we tape or staple them together to ensure they arrive intact. The tags are still in new and untouched condition.

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