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MLP Flip Books

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My Little Pony Flip Madness flip books - how fun!  These books are very nice quality and each contains two 30-page animations.  Flip front to back for one, then flip it over and go from back to front for the other.  Each is based on a key character from the incredibly popular animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  

There are 24 to collect.  Each sold separately in blind bag (like a trading card pack).

  • 24 available in packs
    • 12 Standard Edition
    • 6 Shiny Edition
    • 6 Gold Edition
  • Plus 2 Limited Edition, which are not available in packs.
    • These are only available in special promotions.
Each Pack includes:
  • 1 Flip Book
  • 1 Checklist