MLP CCG Absolute Discord Factory Complete Set + Bonus Cards

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Complete Factory Set of Absolute Discord Cards
This is a set of all cards that were printed with production run of boosters and theme decks, which will not contain all of the promos, but will contain additional cards (listed below)

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game by Enterplay
1 set in a box that has never been opened.

There are a ton of foils in this set (86 in all)!
  • 17 Ultra Rares (Card #-1, -2 are not on checklist, but are included)
  • PF1-13
  • F1-50
  • All AD non-foils 
Includes all cards on checklist plus a few bonus cards that were printed with this set:
  • 1 Premiere #pf17 Falcon, Fast & Furious
  • 1 Premiere #pf18 Rarity, Truly Outrageous
  • 1 Canterlot Nights #pf15 Fluttershy, Friend to Animals 
  • 1 Canterlot Nights #pf16 Bulk Biceps, All Muscle 
  • 1 Canterlot Nights #pf17 Queen Chrysalis
  • 1 Crystal Games #pf16 Princess Luna, Good Night's Sleep
This does not have all AD promos, as promos are often printed with prior or subsequent sets.

Never handled, shuffled, or played!
FYI, the "#300" showing on box image is actually under the label and indicates how many cards that size box holds.

Fan-favorite Discord has arrived in Ponyville, bringing all new gameplay and unexpected new thrills to the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game! This all-new 4th set is villain-themed and contains over 200 cards that will absolutely thrill gamers and collectors alike. Discord is a fan-favorite character known for leaving pandemonium in his wake, and he's going to turn the world of Equestria (and the CCG) upside-down, so look for chaos and fun for all in these brand new Booster Packs!

The Absolute Discord Set Features:

  • Villain Mane Characters and Mane Six Troublemakers
  • Over 200 Unique Cards available
  • New "Chaos" Keyword for new levels of gameplay
  • Colorless cards
Based on the popular Hasbro television SeriesMy Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic