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MLP CCG Defenders of Equestria Expansion Set

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MLP:CCG makes its heroic return with Defenders of Equestria! This exciting new 140+ card expansion features new gameplay mechanics Redeem and Experienced, a new cycle of Mane Six Mane Characters, and fan-favorite characters like Starlight Glimmer taking leading roles! Defenders of Equestria also shows the softer side of some iconic villains and stalwart characters doing what they do best.
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Defenders of Equestria highlights:

  • All-new keywords!
    • Redeem: Get great, game-changing benefits! If you can pay the costs, that is.
    • Experienced: When you play a copy of a card already in your discard pile, that card gets stronger than before. 
  • New Themes!
    • Support characters in starring roles:
      • Starlight Glimmer, Thorax, Discord, and Trixie are here to save Equestria all over again!
    • The Mane Six at work, reveling in their own unique talents!
      • Featuring a new cycle of Mane Six Mane Character cards!

Packs Include:

  • 12 Collectible Cards
  • 1 Rare, 3 Uncommon, 8 Common Cards
  • Foil Cards appear approx. 1:3 packs

In the MLP CCG, players build decks around one of the Mane Characters and build a separate Problem deck. Race to solve (yours and your opponent's) Problems and earn points. First person to 15 points wins. This is an advanced and strategic card game, suggested for ages 10+. MLP CCG requires each player to have a 45-card Draw Deck and 10-card Problem Deck. Mane Character cards are required for play, some of which are only in Theme Decks, 2-Player Starter Sets, and Pack Drafters.