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MLP Dog Tag Fun Packs (Series 2)

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The 2nd series of MLP Dog Tag Fun Packs each contain an all-new and stunning foil trading card, foil-stamped decal sticker, and a very nice dog tag with epoxy finish on one side with foil treatment.  Also look for 9 "shaped" tags, each custom cut to fit a very popular character! In the collection, there are also 21 standard dog tags, 27 foil cards, and 9 foil decal stickers featuring metallic silhouettes of the Mane Six, Princess Luna, Discord, and Ponyville's favorite mailmare.  There is so much fun in these packs!

With new dog tags of classic characters, plus a healthy dash of new highlights like Starlight Glimmer and Moondancer, My Little Pony Dog Tags Series 2 Packs have something for everypony! 

Each Pack contains

  • 1 Dog Tag Necklace
  • 1 Foil Trading Card
  • 1 Foil-stamped Decal Sticker
  • Checklist

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