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MLP CCG Marks in Time Booster Packs

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Take a trip through Equestrian history with Marks in Time (MiT), the 7th set of the MLP:CCG.  This exciting new expansion introduces the game changing Cutie Marking & Dilemma mechanics and a level of high intensity to the game playing experience!  Marks in Time also shows some of Equestria's finest (and not-so-finest) moments including the Mane Six as fillies, alternate Starlight Glimmer timelines, and more!

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Marks in Time highlights:

  • All-new game mechanics!
    • Dilemmas: Now you can play additional Problems from your hand!
    • Cutie Marking: Ponies can get their Cutie Marks and become more powerful
  • New Themes!
    • Time Travel Theme
      • Starring Starlight Glimmer and alternate timelines from Season 5 finale
      • Characters from FiM history, like the six founders of Equestria
    • Foals & Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme
      • Lots of characters presented into game as foals, including the Mane Six
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders!
    • Mane Character Cards (Available in Pack Drafter only)
    • Super Rare Friend Cards
  • Starlight Glimmer!
    • As Mane Character Card (Found in booster packs only)
    • As Friend Cards
  • 5 new color combinations on dual-color cards, bolstering underrepresented color combinations
  • New Cutie Marking Mechanic

    * Starlight Glimmer Mane Character Card is only found in boosters, while the other 3 MiT Mane Character Cards are only available in Pack Drafters

    Packs Include:

    • 12 Collectible Cards
    • 1 Rare, 3 Uncommon, 8 Common Cards
    • Foil Cards appear approx. 1:4 packs
    • Artwork not final and subject to change.

    In the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, players build decks around one of the Mane characters and build a separate problem deck.  Race to solve (yours and your opponent's) problems to earn points.  First person to 15 points wins. This is an advanced and strategic card game, suggested for 10+. This game requires each player to have a 45-card Draw Deck and 10-card Problem Deck. Mane Pony Cards are required for play, some of which are only in Theme Decks, 2-Player Starter Sets, and the all-new Pack Drafters.