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MLP CCG Crystal Games "Opening Ceremonies" Theme Deck - Princess Cadance

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The Crystal Games is the 2nd expansion for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, featuring foil of CMC.  Look for new gameplay new Mane characters great content and stunning new foil cards.  59-card theme deck a special foil card featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders paper play mat rules booklet counter tokens & more!  Build decks around one of the Mane characters and build a separate problem deck.  Race to solve (yours and your opponent's) problems to earn points.  First person to 15 points wins. This is a strategic card game suggested for 10+. 


This game requires a 45-card Draw Deck and 10-card Problem Deck. Mane Pony Cards are required for play some of which are only in Theme Decks or 2-Player Starter Sets.


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