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MLP Movie Trading Card Fun Pack

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The My Little Pony: The Movie Trading Card Fun Pack collection is one of the most exciting trading card sets yet!  With everyone's favorite ponies and plenty of new characters, fans of all ages will want to collect them all!  Look for stunning scene cards, foil cards, stickers, tattoos, and introducing new movie concept cards (aka ‘The Making Of’), featuring art from the creation of the movie!
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 Packs contain:

  • 8 items per pack
    • 6 Trading cards*
    • 1 Sticker
    • 1 Tattoo Sheet

 * Foil Card in approx. 1:3 Packs

Full set is comprised of:

  • 81 Base Trading Cards
    • Including “The Making Of” Cards (Concepts, sketches, story boards, etc.)
  • 15 Foil Cards
  • 12 Tattoos
  • 12 Stickers

Pack contents are random, and packaging does not necessarily reflect content.