The Legend of Zelda Dog Tag Fun Packs

$ 8.97

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Link, Princess Zelda, and their friends and foes are here in this highly collectible set of epoxy-finish tags with stunning "foil" effects, plus decal stickers, and tattoos. Look for shaped tags, gold-effect tags, and a special subset featuring The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Each pack contains a stunning collector tag, a decal/sticker card featuring iconic art, a FunTat® tattoo card, a 3” ball chain, a 22” ball chain, and a checklist. Look for gold tags, shaped tags, foil-stamped stickers, & more!

Note: Actual box containing 24 packs may not be same as in image (there are two versions of the retail box).

Each Pack Contains:

  • 1 Dog Tag
  • 1 Decal/Sticker
  • 1 FunTat® Tattoo
  • 1 22" ballchain
  • 1 4" ballchain
  • Checklist

Gold tags appear approx. 1:12 packs.

Set Highlights:

  • 26 Tags to collect in packs
      • 18 Standard
      • 4 Shaped
      • 4 Gold-effect
    • 12 Decal Stickers to Collect in All
    • 9 Tattoos to Collect

    3 additional tags from this collection are only available in the Collector Fun Box V2.0 (1 per box).

    Packaging images are not related to the content of each pack.  There are no guarantees on which tag, tattoo, or decal will be in the packs. 

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