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MLP Series 3 Trading Card Fun Packs

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Single Packs still available.
My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Card Fun Packs are packed full of collectible fun in this new configuration.  8-item packs contain 1 foil card, 4 trading cards, 1 song/sweeps card, 1 tattoo, either a sticker or pop-up standee, and great content!.  Lenticular cards replace gold foils in this set and appear in approximately 1:24 packs.  There are also 4 exclusive lenticular box-toppers in the 24-ct hobby displays.  Look for all-new content, favorite main and mane characters, background characters, and the new Episodes subset, with 91 cards, each representing one of the episodes that has aired in the hit TV Series, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!  
Each Pack includes:
  • 1 Foil Card (May be replaced by Lenticular or Autograph Card) 
    • Lenticulars appear approx. 1:24 packs
    • Super-Rare Set of 10 Autograph Cards
  • 4 Misc. Trading Cards
  • 1 Sticker or Pop-up Standee
  • 1 Song/Sweeps Card
  • 1 Tattoo Card
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Products with Exclusive MLP Series 3 items:
Series 3 Overview (Cards available in Packs)
  • 118 Non Foil Cards
  • 91 Episode Cards (1 from each episode!)
  • 18 Character Cards
  • 9 Song/Sweeps Cards
  • 45 Foil Cards
  • 10 Unique Autograph Cards
  • 8 Lenticulars (4 in packs and 4 box-toppers)
  • 12 Tattoo Cards
  • 18 Decal/Sticker Cards
  • 6 Foil stickers (only found in 2-pack blisters)
  • 18 Pop-up Standees