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MLP CCG Super Value Box

$ 25.00

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We no longer have factory-created Super Value Boxes, but will be happy to make you one, which will be in a brown box, and will contain a nice varoty of product. 

Over 400 cards and $100 value! Note: International shipping is now calculated

The Super Value Box is a great starting point for new players, and an amazing gift for long-time fans looking to expand their collection! Containing over 400 cards - included are 24 packs, 2 theme decks, and 10 foil cards (from a large assortment, including Ultra-rares, and cards with extremely limited distribution). Also included is a a how-to guide for young fans and CCG novice (a simple way to play with these great cards.)

  • 2 Theme Decks
  • 24 Booster Packs
  • 10 Bonus Foil Cards (including at least 1 Ultra rare)
  • Beginner "How To" Instructions

Click here to see one customer found inside (content varies).

This is a super super value!